Crushing Mania

Girls use their asses and feet to crush

Goddess Yasemin was mad at her boyfriend. He was talking to her but she did not feel like talking to him. She told him she did not want to talk to him but he persisted. She had no choice but to show him her anger. She crushed the cans he was using to drink energy drinks and she made him get a little scared. He left her alone to cool down.

Mistress Melissa is a hot and adventurous girl. She enjoys crushing things whenever she has the time. She was bored today and to keep herself occupied, the adventurous but bored mistress crushed and trampled teddy bears with her sneakers and with her bare feet. She had fun and it kept her occupied. She did it until she was tired at which point she stopped and went to take a nap.

This mistress enjoys crushing toy cars as opposed to crushing people or even stuffed animals. She hates crushing people because she does not want to inflict pain on them and stuffed animals because she knows she cannot make a huge impact on them. She, however, loves to crush toy cars because she can destroy them and the results are visible. Today she bought some more toy cars to crush as her stock had run out.

Mistress Sophia found some female sunglasses in her boyfriend's house and she knew they were not hers. He was not at home and she could not wait for him to get home so that she asked. She could not wait any longer so she took them outside and she crushed them. She destroyed them completely but she still waited for him to get home so that she could ask him.

Mistress Anfisa felt that her slave was not doing what they had agreed he does. The mistress was pissed at him and she wanted to crush his head to pump some sense into it. But since he was doing it for the first time, she gave him the benefit of the doubt and she crushed a stuffed animal instead and she warned him that she would crush his head instead.

This mistress wanted to send a message to her slave so as to make him change his ways. She took a toy orangutan and she crushed it with her ass. She did naughty and crazy things to it including farting on it and she told him that if he messed again, that would be him at the receiving end of her crushes and it would be worse than what she had to the toy.

Lady B and Christin won a competition and they were high and were in a great celebratory mood that they crushed pictures in their house using their high heel boots and did not care that they loved those same photos. The mistresses only realized what had happened the following morning when they were sober but they did not worry about it because they used their winnings to buy new ones.

Mistress BlackDiamoond found her slave's balls all over the house. She kicked them aside and she told him to keep them in his room and avoid having them all over as they could trip someone. He did not listen to her. The next time she found them, she did not say anything. She just crushed them using her high heel boots and she gave him the pieces and told him to keep them.

Madame Marissa felt like her slave was not applying himself enough. She did not want to do everything for him so she punished him to make sure he learned how to do things for himself. She did it to motivate him and encourage him. She crushed his fingers on the keyboard as she made him learn that she expected him to use the computer and the internet to learn some of the things he did not know.

Mistress Rubin had to punish her son for being a naughty boy. She had tried time out but it did not work. She had to try something more effective. She knew she could not beat him so she crushed his favorite toys and she destroyed all of them. She did it while he watched and told him he would not be getting new ones till he learned to behave well. That worked.

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