Crushing Mania

Girls use their asses and feet to crush

All articles tagged with "Crushing Fetish"

Lady Asmodina did not like how her son behaved. He was fond of this particular toy car and she was ok with it until it made him not do things he was supposed to do. That is what pissed her off and she had to punish him to make sure that he never repeated that mistake again. The first thing she did to punish him was to crush the toy and destroy it.

Mistress Daniela crushed a piece of cake with her bare feet and she spat on it. She then made a paste with it and she smeared it all over her feet. She had a lot of fun doing it but that was not her aim. Her goal was to make her slave lick the paste from her feet and she got him to do it. It was punishment for the wrong he had done.

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