Crushing Mania

Girls use their asses and feet to crush

Madame Marissa was new to crushing mania. She had never done it before and she was looking forward to it. She went out and she bought a few toys which she crushed using her shoes. She created a mess on the carpet but she had had so much fun that she did not mind the mess she had created. She cleaned up after herself and went to take a shower.

This mistress was disappointed by what her neighbor's son had done. She could not punish him but when she saw his toys in her backyard, she knew she had found a way to get back at him. She crushed the toys using her high heels. She destroyed them and threw them where he could find them and he would know she was the one who had crushed them even though he did not have any proof.

Madame Svea did not like the kind of cake her slave had baked. She preferred better food than what he had cooked. So she crushed it and she used her boots to do it. She then made her slave lick and eat the crushed cakes so that it would be a lesson for him to learn to bake better cakes. The slave was humiliated but he got the message he was being given.

Mistress Sophia was so bored that she was prepared to try literally anything for fun. She went outdoors while wearing her sneakers and she had fun crushing toys. She did not know who they belonged to but she was glad they were there. She spent a lot of time crushing them because she wanted them to keep her occupied for some time. She was surprised at how much fun she had.

Goddess Yasemin wanted to try something she had never done before. She thought about what to do and she settled on crushing stuff with her butt. Goddess Yasemin went and bought a stuffed animal and she had fun crushing it with her ass. The mistress loved how it felt and the experience led to her to want to try it on a guy. The sexy ass mistress made it her next resolution.

Princess Serena inflated this balloon and she burst it by trampling on it. She did it because she loved the sound of a popping balloon as well as the destruction of things. She had fun doing it and she enjoyed herself a lot before she called her slave to clean it up. He did it happily as he was glad that he was not the one he had chosen to crush.

Madame Marissa did not want anything to go wrong with her slave. So she sought to send him a message as quickly as possible so that he knew the kind of person she was. She crushed toys using her boots and she stomped them as he watched. She warned him that she would not hesitate to do the same to him should he give her reason to. She warned him never to give her a reason to do it.

Lady B found out that this loser was not as good as he had lied he was. She did not want to be lied to again so she punished him. She took the model drawing he had and she crushed it. He was trying to sell her an idea but she found out it was not his and he was trying to steal someone else's idea. She destroyed it and he had to pay the owner.

Mistress Daniela crushed a piece of cake with her bare feet and she spat on it. She then made a paste with it and she smeared it all over her feet. She had a lot of fun doing it but that was not her aim. Her goal was to make her slave lick the paste from her feet and she got him to do it. It was punishment for the wrong he had done.

Mistress Vanessa loves to crush guys and to dominate them. But today she felt like she wanted to try something else, and that is why she chose to crush and to destroy toys. She had watched other mistresses crush toys and she wondered what fun there was in crushing them. But she found out when she did it and she incorporated it in her crushing routine so that it was not too monotonous.

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